Employment Services at Lifeworks

Lifeworks offers an array of services geared toward helping individuals on the autism spectrum secure and maintain self-directed employment. Beginning with evidence-based assessment, Lifeworks career specialists assist individuals in identifying vocational goals and areas of interest, targeting skills that will be requisite for success, creating opportunities to build capabilities in both controlled environments and real-world settings, and ultimately securing customized employment opportunities. Once on the job, Lifeworks career specialists can offer to coach to help individuals perform at a high level and continue to develop within their chosen profession.


For many individuals with severe symptoms of autism, determining a self-directed path toward employment is not as simple as asking a series of questions concerning likes and disinterests. The Lifeworks Career Discovery Assessment provides an evidence-based, behavior analytic method for informing individualized employment planning.

A qualified Lifeworks career specialist facilitates a thorough vocational preference assessment, which objectively determines an individual’s preferences and interests with regard to work. This tool utilizes a visual language learning system to support communicative hurdles for individuals with severe ASD symptoms. The information obtained through the assessment of preferences is then used to select and administer skill assessment protocols to establish the individual’s current strengths and needs relevant to work.

Career Exploration services involve connecting individuals to local businesses and professionals pursuant to the establishment of viable career paths. Most participants are afforded immersive, onsite experiences.  

Job seekers have the opportunity to participate in informational interviews with representatives from local businesses in order to gain insight into aspects of their work. Individuals may participate in tours of facilities, engage in direct observations of work being completed, and participate in short-term job trials to gain invaluable perspectives on daily expectations and requirements.

Drawing upon Career Discovery assessment results, existing skills, and established areas of interest, Customized Job Placement aims to match job-seekers with paid work opportunities. Customized Job placement also helps individuals cultivate the specific skills required to succeed in a given role, once it has been identified.

When individuals are ready to enter the workforce, Customized Job Placement services support resume-building, self-directed job-seeking, application-completion, interviewing, and onboarding. Customized Job Placement services also support the development of competencies endemic to specific roles, in order to provide participants the best possible opportunity to succeed.

Lifeworks utilizes evidence-based practices to provide on-the-job coaching for individuals with Autism once they have secured competitive employment.  Career specialists help to foster independence on the job site, teach new skills, and maintain the competencies necessary for continued employment success.  

Additional Information

Lifeworks is a certified provider of career services through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (ODODD).  Lifeworks is also currently in pursuit of accreditation through The Joint Commission, which will soon allow for career services to be funded through Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD).

Our Career Services are provided by an interdisciplinary team of Bachelor’s and Master’s level career specialists across a variety of controlled and community-based work settings. Service provision hours are flexible. Administrative hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

If you are seeking Lifeworks Career Services and have questions that extend beyond the information offered on our website, please visit the Contact Us page, complete the required fields, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, contact our Intake Department at 216-320-8623.

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