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Lifeworks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that individuals with autism lead healthy and enriched lives by providing essential clinical services across the lifespan. The agency is distinguished through its delivery of services to both youth and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, which are rooted in evidence-based practices and delivered by highly-trained, degreed, and credentialed staff. Our dynamic and ever-growing interdisciplinary team of professionals continues to reach greater heights, in service of achieving socially-significant outcomes for individuals on the spectrum wherever needs exist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are seeking services and have questions about Lifeworks that extend beyond the information offered on our website, please visit the Contact Us page, complete the required fields, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, contact our Intake Department at 216-320-8623.

If you have questions about employment at Lifeworks, please email us at HR@lifeworksautism.org or visit our Careers page.

Lifeworks is an extraordinarily unique organization. 

There are other systems that specialize in ASD services and are replete with highly-trained and credentialed staff members—whose work is undergirded by clinical/ educational best-practice models for serving individuals on the spectrum. However, these programs are almost exclusively geared toward child and adolescent populations. Very few serve adults. 

Conversely, there are many quality providers of services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). However, very few of these specialize in autism and are faithful to a specific clinical model. Few, if any, I/DD providers employ teams of Master’s-level, licensed and certified professionals with content expertise in ASD, whose job is to drive clinical programming. Most adult I/DD organizations do not have a direct care workforce comprised of college-degreed staff.

In these ways and more Lifeworks distinguishes itself.

Lifeworks’ mission dictates that the presence of autism symptoms is an essential criterion for service qualification. There is also a need in almost all cases for there to be a recognized source of funding. Beyond that, given the diversity of services that Lifeworks provides, it is hard to pin down eligibility criteria that might be considered universal. Lifeworks aspires to help everyone it can, but must also be mindful of its finite resources and scope of expertise, lest it overextends itself to the detriment of any or all.

Following a thorough assessment of each referral, our team makes case-by-case determinations, based on factors such as, our ability to provide for safety, environmental fit, appropriateness of service type, current program mix, and alignment with stakeholders on service goals and recognized level of support needs.

The majority of services provided by Lifeworks are funded by various forms of Medicaid. However, commercial insurance, federal and state workforce dollars, private pay arrangements, and grants also represent viable funding mechanisms for certain service lines.