About the Lifeworks Boutique

The Lifeworks Boutique is a pre-vocational experience offered to service recipients at Lifeworks continuing education and supported living programs.  Within the array of boutique experiences, recipients can participate in the creation and production of products including bar soaps, lotions and body scrubs, pet shampoo, candles and more.  Individuals have opportunities to practice skills such as following step by step instruction, fine motor skills and other daily living skills that can be generalized across multiple environments.  Individuals not only help with production, but also packaging, labeling, shipping, and inventory, as well as promote and help sell the products at local farmers markets and events. Lifeworks also uses tailored preference and skill assessments to individuals to help determine which areas of the boutique experience would be most meaningful for them.

In addition to the tangible skills developed within the boutique, many individuals with sensory input needs thrive through the use of different textures, colors, and fragrances naturally occurring within the boutique setting. 

The array of product offerings in the Lifeworks boutique can be found by clicking on the SHOP NOW button below.  Be sure to check back often as we offer seasonal and specialty items throughout the year.  Lifeworks is happy to announce that we accept custom orders as well.  Please reach out to hayesa@lifeworksautism.org to inquire.  For additional information and updates, you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest sales, promotions and offerings.


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